Mystery Bag Scenario

Mystery Bag Scenario - I bet I can make a true statement...

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Scenario : Yesterday, I was talking with my friend from a previous College Writing class. We were arguing about Descartes’ ideas about reality and truth (remember him?) To refresh your memory, remember that Descartes said nothing is absolutely true or certain; there is always the possibility that our senses or logic are faulty and trick our minds. My friend complained, “Your ideas are so silly! You can never say anything for certain! If you cannot say anything that is true, why say anything at all? You can’t guarantee that it’s true!” I replied, “You have a point—we must be careful not to say something that may not be true. BUT, I assure you that I can say something that is true.
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Unformatted text preview: I bet I can make a true statement about many things.” My friend went into the other room, and returned with a paper bag. He gloated that he’d hidden something inside the bag. Graciously, he told me I could shake the bag, squeeze the bag, and even put my hands inside the bag to feel the object if I still needed more clues. And he challenged me to make even one true statement. “Even better,” I said, “I’ll make several true statements, and I may even be able to find out what is inside the bag.” How was I able to make a true statement about the object in the bag, if I could not see it?...
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