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Source Evaluation #2 Homework

Source Evaluation #2 Homework - 3 Is it possible that the...

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Source Evaluation #2 Homework You’re Name__________________________________________ Using the following questions (from page 5 of your book), evaluate someone else’s “trustworthy” source. Important: If you cannot find the answer to any of these questions, say so. It will affect the credibility of the source. Name of student whose source you are using_______________________________________________ 1) What do you know about the author? 2) What can we learn about the author’s purpose?
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Is it possible that the author is biased? 4) How does the author present new ideas? Do they cite evidence in a satisfactory way? Is the evidence trustworthy? 5) Where was the text published? When? 6) What about the visual elements used? How does the appearance of the source affect its credibility? Submit your work to DropBox by Thursday’s class. Remember : your name – assignment name.doc...
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