Source Evaluation #3 Homework

Source Evaluation #3 Homework - Homework Sources #3:...

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Homework – Sources #3: Finding Academic Sources Now that we have each located a source and evaluated a source, we need to work harder to find the best sources. We know that authors and organizations have biases which make them subjective. We know that not all authors are experts. We know much of what is on the internet is not reviewed for accuracy, and so is not very trustworthy. - Our best alternative to inferior internet sources are academic journals, because they are produced by academic institutions that spend time and effort to be as objective as possible, the articles are written by experts in their fields, and every article is actively reviewed by a group of experts before it’s published. Your job: Find a source from an academic journal about the dangers associated with cell phones or other handheld electronic devices. The topic is broad, it can include phones, iPods, etc. It can include any function (voice, text, games, etc.) and any situation (texting while driving, prolonged exposure of a device to one’s brain, etc.) Locate one source of the absolute highest quality possible.
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Source Evaluation #3 Homework - Homework Sources #3:...

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