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3_How to Use Writing Now

3_How to Use Writing Now - The orange boxes should be gold...

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How to Use Writing Now Contents: Ch. 1 – Reading Critically Ch.2 – Ch. 7 – Genres Ch. 8 – Ch. 13 – Helpful topics like using images, finding sources, researching, and MLA/APA format Ch. 14 – Ch. 18 – Help with specific assignments like portfolios, writing exams, presentations, etc. Glossary of Terms Index Each genre chapter consists of three parts: 1) A short introduction with some questions for the readings provided 2) A set of reading selections from that particular genre. I chose this book because it provides so many example pieces—so use them to your advantage. Especially useful are the student papers included. 3) A guide to writing that particular genre.
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Unformatted text preview: The orange boxes should be gold, they are so darn valuable! • This means that for each genre, you are learning how to do three things: 1) Get an idea of how each genre affect issues like audience, ethos, organization, and the goals of the author. You will already be aware of many of the above implications just by thinking logically. 2) Read critically and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different pieces. You can evaluate whether the author treated the above issues correctly. 3) Organize and compose a piece of writing that strategically works to accomplish the goals of the author (you)....
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