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4_Thinking Rhetorically - Thinking Rhetorically The whole...

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Thinking Rhetorically “The whole world is an argument” Simply defined, rhetoric = strategies we use to influence the opinions or beliefs of other. Or another way to think of rhetoric is any organized, strategic attempt to accomplish something with language. - It can be persuasive (I want to convince you to attend KSU) - It can be informative (I provide you with reports and profiles about life at Kent) - It can be just for fun (I create a photography portfolio about my Kent experiences) We can divide most writing into one of two areas: informative (academic) and recreational (personal) In previous classes, you learned about mostly organizational topics: - Paragraphs - The 5-Paragraph Essay Format - Topic Sentences - Thesis Statements - Introductions - Conclusions This semester, you will learn how to think rhetorically. You will learn to be a more effective writer. Traditionally, taking a rhetorical approach to writing places emphasis on these key areas: - Genre : What type of writing is this? Wher e will it appear? How does this affect my audience’s expectations, the amount of time they will give to me, and what they want to hear? - Audience : Who will read this? What are they expecting from me? What do they already know or think about my subject? How can I get them to listen to me and believe what I am saying is true? - Ethos (voice): Who am I? How do I want to be perceived by my audience? How do I control this? - Structure (organization): Where do I place important information? How can I organize my work for the greatest effect, or ease of use? Should I include photos, graphs, charts or other information? -
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4_Thinking Rhetorically - Thinking Rhetorically The whole...

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