Rhetorical Analysis Template

Rhetorical Analysis Template - e –Use t his t o submit...

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Unformatted text preview: e –Use t his t o submit your fir st t wo Rhet or ical Analyses! pBox in t he cor r ect folder (Rhet or ical Analysis 1, 2, or 3) Your name: Name or 1-sentence description of your ad: Where can I find this ad? (paste the website address if it’s available online) Very briefly, tell me what you see (what happens + what you notice that’s extra interesting): Rhetorical Elements Author (or company, or organization): Target a udience (be specific!): List a few words to describe this ad (futuristic, modern, happy, artistic, hip, young, i nformative, etc.): How would you describe the “personality” (ethos) of this ad? How do the characters that appear in the ad help create the ad’s personality? Are they famous? Are they “normal” like you and me? Beautiful? Smart? Funny? Boring? Consider the o rganization . Does it contribute to the ad in any way? Remember that the f irst and last moments of a message are important (according to the primacy and recency b iases). W hat are the goals of the ad? Obviously, most ads want to sell something—but do they use a d ifferent strategy by asking us to perform a smaller task first? Does the author have a l arger agenda? F inally, evaluate the ad’s effectiveness in 2-4 paragraphs. ...
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Rhetorical Analysis Template - e –Use t his t o submit...

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