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Essay Rubric: Up to 10 points Each (30 pts total) Analysis/Report: Isolate points to talk about. Only report when necessary! Focus on your ideas, not the show’s plot. Claim and Support: Make a claim related to what you’ve analyzed, and use the video to support your claims Other: Grammar, Spelling, Clear Organization, Correct MLA Format Journal Rubric: Up to 10/20 points Each (40 pts total) Complete: Includes all episodes and is adequately long/detailed Neat: Easy to read, not messy and unorganized Free Points: Every portfolio turned in on time receives 20 free points. Late portfolios will not receive these points. Due Date: May 6, printed on paper, in class Length: ~3-6 pages Note: You will turn this project in with your final writing portfolio. Your portfolio is a collection
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Unformatted text preview: of all the MAJOR writing assignments youve completed in the semester. Portfolios are due on the last day of class note that late portfolios will be penalized 20 points (see above). Youll notice that the only requirement for this assignment is to create your own unique insight based on what you watch on the show. Weve all watched the episodes, so tell us what we can learn about Americans, the Natives, or ourselves. Explain how t he show reflects a changing world. Or come up with your own brilliant theories this assignment will be shaped by your thoughts, not my requirements. So be creative and remember that I reward careful thinking, not thoughtless reporting. Break it into parts Analysis Video (Literary) Analysis Rubrics and Descriptions...
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