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_Ongoing reaction ideas Meet the Natives - to this subject,...

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This is a document full of interesting ideas that you can discuss in your papers.  Please  add to this list if you have more ideas! How do you feel when you see the Natives interact with cultural symbols like soldiers,  farmers, factories, and the American way of life?  What I mean is, at times they seem to  embrace certain cultural elements, but at times they are quite puzzled at our strange  ways.   How do you think Americans might feel as they watch this? Were you ever surprised at how the Americans interacted with the cultural symbols of  the Natives? Consider the idea of “identity”.  What does that mean to you?   Do the natives stay true to their identity?  How much American culture should they  absorb?  Can they absorb too much?  Does the show give an adequate amount of time 
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Unformatted text preview: to this subject, from your point of view as an international student? Do you think that people from very different places are basically the same, or different? Can the two groups ever truly understand each other? What might happen if the Americans visited Tanna? Would the situation be very different? Are the gender roles the same or different between the two cultures? Is the power structure the same or different between the two societies? How do you feel when you see a Tannan (Native) speak about an idea that seems silly to you? Is it normal to dismiss their ideas as foolish, superstitious, or somehow inferior to our own? What does this reaction say about modern society?...
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