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Helpful Questions as you watch - I think the Americans are...

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Here are some questions you may want to think about as you 1) take notes or 2) write your video analysis about Meet the Natives: USA. What happened? - Can you describe the episode in one paragraph (3-6 sentences)? - What was the most important thing that happened? - From the perspective of the “Natives”, what was new or surprising? What was difficult or confusing? - From the perspective of the Americans, same as above… - Was there anything missing? Why do you think it did not appear? What did you learn? After watching this episode/season, I think that that “Natives” are __________ because ___________.
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Unformatted text preview: I think the Americans are _____________ because ____________. How are the two groups the same? How are they different? How do you know? This episode was (good/bad/stupid/interesting) because______________. This episode was (well-made/poorly-made) because______________. Emotionally, what was most powerful about this episode? - What emotions were central to this episode, or the series in general? - In what ways did the characters change (during the episode or the entire series)? Was there a moment that caused it, or a moment when the change was first revealed? - How were you emotionally involved in the episode?...
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