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Checklist for Website + Poster + Essay

Checklist for Website + Poster + Essay - Hit the streets...

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Checklist – All rubrics are in the Website Packet Basic Requirements – For Everybody My argument has all the required elements, according to the FINAL DRAFT rubric My website has all the required pages and content, according to the Website + Poster Rubric My poster is complete and uploaded to my website All the documents and images that are inside my Google docs are shared with everyone. I have checked my website from a different computer to make sure everything works OK. Additional Concerns – For those that are a step above average Does your website have a “personality”? Try to construct and express your own unique ethos! Is your essay/poster/website laid out neatly? Will people think it is “thrown together”? Does your website include interesting content like surveys, news stories, or videos? ** “Will the Kent community pay attention to you??” Why or why not?? ** Finished! Now what should I do? Implement a plan for spreading the word about your site!
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Unformatted text preview: Hit the streets and: • Place posters strategically on campus • Distribute smaller flyers or other information • Create a public display, like the ones in “Cool Outdoor Poster Ideas.doc” • Buy some sidewalk chalk • Tell everyone you know Website “hits” + comments = points for you! As always, reflect on what a challenge it was to create a persuasive campaign. Think about how much you’ve learned, and how differently you look at ads and arguments in general. Think about how the skills you learned for this project might help you in the future. Think about what you would do if you had to manage a group to achieve the same goals. Would you do anything differently? Once the first comments are posted on your page, you can start interacting with your audience. Nobody knows what will happen next . But you should carefully watch what occurs during the next couple weeks as your strategy is tested. It should be a great learning opportunity for all....
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