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Website + Poster Rubric25pts - bottom. On the Main page,...

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Website + Poster Rubric for March 23 25 points total The website is complete, with all required pages and elements like the title, navigation bar and pictures. (5 pts) The author has obviously spent time working on his or her site: it is neat, tidy, and free of errors due to laziness. (5 pts) The author includes plenty of visual elements like pictures or movies. The visual effect of the page is pleasing and organized. (5 pts) Your poster is well-made, thoughtfully designed, and includes rhetorical elements to persuade readers to visit the website. (5 pts) Your poster is present at all. (5 pts)
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Your website must be up and running by: March 23 We will present our posters and results on April 13 in class (5 minute oral presentations) ---- ----- ------ -- --- ------ ---- --- ---- -- --------- --- ----- Required Pages 1) Main page with a navigation bar on the left, a banner on the top, and the author’s name and date at the
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Unformatted text preview: bottom. On the Main page, write 1-3 paragraphs to introduce visitors to your site and the topic of the site. 2) A page where visitors can read your revised Argument Essay. 3) A page where visitors can view your poster. 4) A page that tells visitors what they should do if they agree with you. (A What can I do? page) 5) A page where visitors can give public feedback (message board, blog, etc.) 6) A page with contact information and information about you, College Writing I or Kent State University. Required Elements 1) At least one picture, chart or movie (visual element) on every page except poster page (b/c it is a pic). 2) At least one hyperlink (link) to another page on the web. You can put this anywhere on your site. 3) A picture of you on the contact page. If you dont want your face on the web, use the KSU logo 4) A visitor counter that shows how many people have visited your page....
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Website + Poster Rubric25pts - bottom. On the Main page,...

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