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Sheet1 Page 1 Resources Image editing Photoshop- Very powerful, should be available for use in the library GIMP (free) a Photoshop alternaive Paint.NET (Free) Very similar to GIMP Miscrosoft Powerpoint - Easy to use Microsoft Paint Don't rule out creating materials by hand! Video Editing Windows movie maker - By far the easiest to use, but not as powerful as some others Sony VEGAS - Available for download and 30 day Trial from Sony Website VirtualDub (Free) - For adding voices and sounds to an existing Video file Audio Production Sony ACID Music Studio XPRESS (free) - Easy to use recording, arranging and looping software Sony ACID PRO - Available for free trial from Sony website Audacity (free) - Recording, arranging, and effects Statistical Tools - for online surveys SPSS - this is the standard statistical software package. Students can buy for 15 bucks at the bookstore. For those simultan e Openstat (free) - Free alternative to SPSS - contains free excel templates that compute correlation (pearson's r), ANOVA, and simliar b
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Unformatted text preview: a Word Processors Microsoft Office (free) Presentation Software Microsoft Powerpoint - This is what we have installed at Kent State. Your presentations should be in this format, even if you m a (free) Website Services Google Sites - Very easy to use, free websites (highly recommended) Google Docs - Before you upload to Google Sites, upload to Google Docs (trust me this makes everything much easier) iFrame - Embed this tool on a google site page to show a document or pdf. Google Sites Visit Counter Gadget - Shows you how many people have visited your web page. You can embed it in google s i Google conversation Element - users can leave feedback on your site. However, I tink they must be signed in to do so. Google feedback Form - Created by Thad - I created a perhaps simpler way for people to leave comments. It is easier for use...
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