Fat Fuels Fat

Fat Fuels Fat - Fat Fuels Fat Adipose Tissue fat the organ...

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Fat Fuels Fat Adipose Tissue – fat; the organ specialized in storage of ingested energy. The amount of energy pack away as fat has been increasing in many populations. When storage fat approaches a level that compromises health, we call it obesity. Trend is a result of humanity’s technological progress—abundant food and reduced physical activity. Some people seem more susceptible than others to becoming obese when exposed to this plentiful environment—variations in physiology may be influencing how much energy a person consumes, expends and stores as fat. Variables in the body, such as blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar and water balance, are tightly controlled by automatic mechanisms. But does body weight also regulated by automatic mechanisms? Inherited genetic variation can subtly or powerfully affect those mechanisms and they can also be upset by environmental as well as by excess fat. Insulin triggers responses in muscles and adipose that cause those tissues to take in and utilize more glucose when there is excess consumed. The liver responds by decreasing its own glucose production.
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The human body’s regulation mechanisms seem to be slightly biased in favor of preserving fat rather than eliminating it. Difference in obesity susceptibility among subgroups can sometimes be tied to differing versions of particular genes. A gene called FTO whose variation was linked to obesity—3 kg heavier and double the risk of obesity. FTO may also have a role in weight management. The effects of nutrition during fetal development on body weight in later life. Stress, sleep deprivation and viral infections, and the composition of benign microbial communities within the body are additional factors that may affect an individual’s fat regulation. Following the trail of protein signals encoded by those genes often leads to the master command
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Fat Fuels Fat - Fat Fuels Fat Adipose Tissue fat the organ...

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