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Ethics in Journalism Comments to share with the class CASE STUDY 1 In chapter one - case study 1 (pages 14-16) we read about and question the ethics surrounding the Newsweek article about the abuse of the Holy Koran within the detention center of Guantanamo Bay Cuba. According to an interview conducted by Democracy Now of Michael Isikoff co-writer of this story, many facts were omitted from the general public during the time of the article being published. The pentagon knew of this article being published, and okayed the publishing of the article – the journalists involved as well as the media outlet actually did what was required of them in this situation and later even retracted the few words referencing the Koran abuse with the toilet. Though the article was blamed for the ensuing riots these were later credited as being Al Qaeda related. Michael Isikoff never offered to resign, nor was he terminated – he currently is a well-respected Journalist for multiple media outlets including MSNBC. Knowing this information now, does this change your opinion on the questions asked in the
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Comments - E thics in Jou rnalism Comments to share w i th...

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