COMPLETE STUDY GUIDE 2 - T raditional Sponsorship represent...

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Unformatted text preview: T raditional Sponsorship represent efforts to incorporate sports into the firm’s marketing efforts through the implementation of effective target marketing decisions used in conjunction with appropriate tactics regarding the organization’s price, product, distribution and promotional strategies. • Traditional o Coke and olympics Local Event high school sports, minor league sports Mainstream using a traditional strategy to create a sports overlay to sell nonsports products o Target market – ads for Honda in golf digest o Product – clothing featuring golf graphics o Promotion – ad featuring golfers drinking pepsi o Distribution – hard rock café at MLB stadium o Price – discounts to bar patrons wearing participation sports uniform Promotion mainstream promotion = ad featuring golfers drinking pepsi Product focused strategies = newspaper ad regarding tickets Product Focused Strategy using traditional marketing strategy to sell sports products o Target market – NBA Targeting Chinese fans o Product – new titanium golf clubs o Promotion – newspaper ad regarding tickets o Distribution – broadcast available on the www o Price – bundling tickets and refreshments at a bargain price Specialty advertising typically involves the placement of a marketer’s logo, trademark or brand name on products that are given to and retained by consumers for some period of time. Product Placement in mainstream strategy = marketer selling its goods and services at a sports venue; marketer selling its nonsports products at a retail store specializing in sporting goods; intensifying regional efforts where a sport is popular; product features in a movie or tv program where brand is identifiable Vi rtual Advertisement computer generated signage displayed on the field of play during a televised broadcast. Not prone to zipping or zapping Hospitality if the prospective sponsor’s primary objective is the entertainment of clients and employees, then hospitality areas, free tickets, and the right to purchase additional tickets would be considered important components • Entertain customers, prospects and suppliers o Reinforce relationships • Opportunity to attend event o Tickets o Parking o concessions • Provision of various amenities o Tv monitors o Restrooms o Premium seating Ambush Marketing an effort to create the false impression that they are associated with an event when, in reality, no official association exists....
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COMPLETE STUDY GUIDE 2 - T raditional Sponsorship represent...

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