essay for final!!!

essay for final!!! - Ashley Sellers Marketing 3800 8/18/10...

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Ashley Sellers Marketing 3800 8/18/10 Essay for Final “When pigs learn to fly 1 ” Outrageous! Right, well yes but in the book marketing outrageously by, Jon Spoelstra, he thinks to push the envelope, think beyond others and unorthodox can lead to increased revenue for the company. Spoelstra book summarizes the idea to get ahead as a marketer one must think ahead by staying fresh with ideas, promotions, advertisements and all. Some ideas may be plain out ridiculous or embarrassing to suggest, such as jock straps, but a good marketer can rehearse the questions going to be asked after an idea and discover on their own if this will satisfy needs and any concerns can be cleared up. “New is a way of life with us marketers. A way of life! If we don’t create new ways to market things all the time, we die in the marketplace.” 2 Ideas that were incapable or unused years ago are common ways to market today such as internet and DMR. “Instead of inventing a new product every six months, the marketer should invent new ways to market his or her product every six months.” 3 Spoelstra is referring to follow the engineer by changing typical marketing ways to new ways to increase revenues. In this section Spoelstra uses this method to invent new ways to sell tickets for the New Jersey Nets. He thought outside the
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essay for final!!! - Ashley Sellers Marketing 3800 8/18/10...

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