Paper #2 - traditional marketing through sports The...

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Ashley Sellers Marketing 3800 7/14/10 Paper #2 In the magazine sports illustrated that ads that fall within the mainstream domain are 1. Gatorade 2. Heineken 3. DiGiorno 4. Citi Forward Card 5. Gillette 6. Garmin personal navigation 7. React chewing gum 8. Gatorade 9. Toyota 10. Honda 11. Geico 12.Sony soccer 13. Modelo beer Four out of the thirteen ads in sports illustrated incorporate a sports theme including Gatorade twice; once being drank by famous Peyton Manning which is marketing through sports, and next claiming to be a thirst quencher for Serena Williams the best tennis player which is also marketing through sports. The Citi Forward Card is promoting themselves through a girl rafting by with her earned points from her card is marketing through sports by saying “you can do this too
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Ashley Sellers Marketing 3800 7/14/10 Paper #2 when you earn points from using Citi Forward Card. Sony is using soccer teams to promote their 3D camera’s that capture the FIFA World Cup; which is also
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Unformatted text preview: traditional marketing through sports. The products most seen through this magazine would be beverages; first beverages such as Gatorade being advertised twice in one magazine for athletes to drink with doing physical activities and then two beer advertisements because a lot of individuals watching sporting events enjoying drinking a beer with friends at the same time. Beverages are always going to be purchased it just depends on the consumer of which beverage they will choose. I believe this category is choosing mainstream marketing in sports illustrated to be effective because it includes their target market. One is being the physical athletes themselves for Gatorade and two being the huge sports fans that watch many games and more than likely consume multiple beverages while watching sporting events....
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Paper #2 - traditional marketing through sports The...

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