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Ashley Sellers Marketing 3800 Paper #5 7/26/10 Endorsement is a type of sponsorship and can be domain-focused which is using sponsorship of a sports entity to sell nonsports products such as Tiger Woods being the endorsement for Gatorade or it can be sports-dominant which is using sports-based sponsorship to sell sports products for example Shaun White the famous snowboarder being the endorsement for Burton Boards by riding them himself and promoting them through words advocating he uses Burton Boards because they are the best and so should you! Endorsement is where a company uses a celebrity to be the spokesmen for their product and the celebrity’s personality needs to fit the product, target market, and brand! The endorser for the product must have certain factors that impact the effectiveness. The endorser factors should include Is a high achiever Has believability/credibility Is known Is likable/popular/admired Is recognizable Provides ease of recall Is congruent with target market Is physically attractive Provides prospect for continuity
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paper #5 - Ashley Sellers Marketing 3800 Paper#5...

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