study guide 2 - Marketing 3800 Sports Marketing (with...

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Marketing 3800 Sports Marketing (with answers) Final Exam Summer 2 2010 Study Guide Traditional Sponsorship (p.3) : Involves the creation of an official relationship between a marketer and some noteworthy sports property (EX: Coca-Cola is an official sponsor of the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London) Local Event (p.5): At the lowest level Local Events are dominated by the ability to attract spectators from a relatively small geographic area. For such events, the narrow reach will typically consist of the local community. (Minor league hockey games, high school sports, and local amateur competitions such as a city golf tournament find it difficult to generate much interest from even the most avid sport fan outside of the local area. Because of their small budgets, marketing efforts tend to be quite modest. Mainstream (p.35) : Can be defined as the use of traditional marketing strategies that incorporate a sports theme into the marketing program for nonsports products. The marketer might opt to use a sports-related copy platform or
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study guide 2 - Marketing 3800 Sports Marketing (with...

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