Chapter 16 post-lecture quiz with answers

Chapter 16 post-lecture quiz with answers - 1 Chapter 16...

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1 Chapter 16 Post-Lecture Quiz 1. What is the first step in the formation of a protostar? 1. Conservation of angular momentum causes galactic material to make a disk 2. Gravity causes planetesimals to begin to accumulate 3. Gravity causes a cloud of gas and dust to begin to contract 4. Nuclear fusion heats material and causes it to glow 2. Why do we think that clouds of gas and dust form stars? 1. We see young star clusters with gas and dust around them 2. Infrared and microwave telescopes let us see inside dust clouds and see protostars 3. Computer models predict that if a cloud has enough mass it will contract from the pull of gravity, heat up, and form a star 4. The Hubble Telescope lets us watch stars form before our eyes 5. 1, 2, and 3 3. What is the energy source that heats a contracting protostar? 1. Friction 2. Pressure, as the gas and dust are compressed 3. Gravitational potential energy released as the material is pulled inward 4. Fusion 5. Kinetic energy 4. Why do protostars rotate rather fast and end up surrounded by disks of material? 1. The galaxy is rotating, so all the stars that form are rotating as well 2. If a cloud spins even a little bit, the spin increases as it contracts 3. Conservation of angular momentum 4. All of the above 5. 2 and 3 5. Why can’t a cloud with less than 0.08 the mass of the Sun become a star? 1. It will break into pieces 2. Gravity will be too weak, it will come apart 3. It will never get hot enough for fusion to start 4. It will become a star, but a small and faint one 6. Why can’t a cloud with more than about 150 solar masses become a star?
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Chapter 16 post-lecture quiz with answers - 1 Chapter 16...

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