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Book Questions 1. Problem 3.15 - 10 points 2. Problem 3.21 - 10 points 3. Problem 3.31 - 10 points 4. Problem 3.47 - 10 points 5. Problem 3.60 - 10 points 6. Problem 5.18 - 10 points 7. Problem 5.19 - 10 points Programming Assignment 6. Programming Assignment - 70 points In this assignment you will implement a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server. The protocol speci±cation is IETF RFC 1350. You do not have to implement Write Requests (WRQ); you will just be reading from the server. The server should allow retrieval of ±les in the local directory from where the server is executed. You can use the native tftp client to test your server implementation. TFTP is implemented over UDP, which is a connectionless protocol, which means there are very few guarantees of the transmission medium. You will have to resolve these issues through the protocol
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Unformatted text preview: ʼ s speci±ed mechanisms. The server will use ʻ Selected Repeat ARQ ʼ to insure reliable delivery, with a maximum send/ receive window of 4. You should test your ARQ mechanism by explicitly dropping packets, and observing the results. Submission Guidelines 1. Homework must be turned in at the beginning of class on the date that it is due. 2. All programming assignments must include: make±le, README, and the code. 3. The README should contain a description of your code: architecture, usage, and errata, etc. 4. Make sure all binaries and object code have been cleaned from your project before you submit. 5. Your project must compile on a standard linux development system. Your code will be graded on a linux testbed. Fall 2010 - ECEN 602 HW2: Due 9/28/10 @ 11:10AM 1...
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