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1. A person enters a bank and fnds all oF the Four clerks busy serving customers. There are no other customers in the bank, so the person will start service as soon as one oF the customers in service leaves. Customers have independent, identical and exponential distribution oF service time. (a) What is the probability that the person will be the last to leave the bank assuming that no other customers arrive? (b) IF the average service time is 1 minute, what is the average time the person will spend in the bank? 2. Empty taxis pass by a street corner at a Poisson rate oF 2 per minute and pick up a passenger iF one is waiting there. Passengers arrive at the street corner at a Poisson rate oF 1 per minute and wait For a taxi only iF there are Fewer than Four persons waiting. Otherwise, they leave and never return. ±ind the average waiting time oF a passenger who joins the queue. 3. A communication node A receives Poisson traFfc From two other nodes, 1 and 2, at rates lambda_{1} and lambda_{2}, resepctively, and transmits it, on a frst-come frst-
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