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Fall 2009 ISYE 6413 Study guide for second midterm Chapter 3. Section 3.9 (expected MS not required, use lecture notes as guide), section 3.10 (only the part on regression modeling; materials on ANCOVA from bottom of p.130 to top of p.132 not required), section 3.11. Chapter 4. Sections 4.1-4.4, section 4.6-4.10, sect 4.11 (not required for exam, but need
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Unformatted text preview: it for dispersion analysis), section 4.12, section 4.15 (estimability of order e on p.197 not required). Chapter 5. Sections 5.1-5.4, section 5.5 (skip interaction graphs on pp. 236-237), section 5.6 (only required to know how to use the tables in appendix 5B)....
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