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Study Guide_Mid Term #1 - Stat/ME 424, Fall 2009 First...

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Unformatted text preview: Stat/ME 424, Fall 2009 First Midterm Examination (Total : 100 points) • This is a closed book exam, except for four sides of notes. • You are allowed to use calculators. • There are four problems in this exam. • Please put your answers in a blue book with your name on the cover. Problem 1 (20 pts) Questions (a)-(c) involve the analysis of some data on alcohol consumption. The data were collected in 1970. The variable permale is the percentage of males living in a state. Data were collected from each of the 50 states of USA and Washington DC. The purpose of the analysis is to see how alcohol consumption is related to the other variables. A simple linear regression model was fitted trying to predict the alcohol consumption using the percentage of males and the following partial output was obtained: Coefficients: Value Std. Error t Value p-value (Intercept)-93.4260 207.8126-0.4496 0.6550 permale 4.2191 4.0777 1.0347 0.3059 Residual standard error: 32.05 on 49 degrees of freedom Multiple R-Squared: 0.02138 (a) Suppose we replaced the percentage of males by the percentage of females in the above regression model. Give the regression coefficients for this new model. Would the standard error for the slope change?...
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Study Guide_Mid Term #1 - Stat/ME 424, Fall 2009 First...

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