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Summary of homework assignments leading up to Exam 1 Homework Assignment Related Chapters in Textbook Date Available (applicable only to WileyPlus) Date and Time Due Total Points Possible to earn on the Assignment WileyPlusNo1 1 & 2 08-14-09, 3:00 pm 08-31-09, 1:00 pm 16.0 “Traditional” item numbers 1 & 2 3 09-01-09, at the beginning of class 8.0 Attend Accountancy Day Event(s) Accountancy Day is on 09-03- 09 5.0 “Traditional” item number 3 3 09-08-09, at the beginning of class 3.5 “Traditional” item numbers 4 & 5 3 09-10-09, at the beginning of class 10.0 WileyPlusNo2 3 09-01-09, 7:00 am 09-14-09, 1:00 pm 18.0 WileyPlusNo3 4 09-06-09, 2:00 pm 09-15-09, 9:00 am 6.0 “Traditional” item numbers 6 & 7 4 09-15-09, at the beginning of class 6.0
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WileyPlus assignments become available to you in WileyPlus as noted above.
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Unformatted text preview: Each WileyPlus question is worth one-half point. You will receive a zero for any WileyPlus questions that you answer after the due date/time. Traditional homework items are available in the assignments section of blackboard. Before you attempt to work on any traditional homework items, I recommend that you (1) read and study the related textbook chapter(s), (2) read and study the related chapter notes that are in your course handout, (3) work on the related end-of-chapter questions, brief exercises, exercises, and problems for which solutions are available in the course documents section of blackboard. To be determined – The specific event(s) that you will be required to participate in on Accountancy Day....
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