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Ch. Questions

Ch. Questions - Instructions First define the...

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Instructions: First define the Terms and Concepts located at the end of this chapter in your textbook. Second, please provide a complete and thorough answer to the following Chapter Discussion Questions. Chapter 5 Ethics and Business Decision Making Discussion Questions 1. What is ethics? Moral Principles and values applied to social behavior. 2. How does a law come to be an expression of an ethical principle? 3. What are reasons for unethical business behavior? 4. In negotiating a business deal, is “strategic misrepresentation” permissible? Do you have to disclose everything? 5. Why would a corporation prefer to be seen as ethical? Does a company have a duty to act in socially or politically beneficial ways? 6. How does a corporation’s investment in a political or social agenda affect its duty to its shareholders? 7. To whom might a corporation owe a duty? What must a corporation do if it finds itself subject to conflicting duties?0020 8.
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