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AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Character Cast:- Dr. Thomas Stockmann , Medical Officer of the Municipal Baths. Mrs. Stockmann , his wife. Petra (their daughter) a teacher. (their sons, aged 13 and 10 respectively). Peter Stockmann (the Doctor's elder brother), Mayor of the Town and Chief Constable, Chairman of the Baths' Committee, etc. Morten Kiil , a tanner (Mrs. Stockmann's adoptive father). Hovstad , editor of the "People's Messenger." Billing , sub-editor. Captain Horster . Aslaksen , a printer. Well, The story starts with visit of Mr. Billing at Dr Stockman’s house. During this visit Peter Stockmann (the Doctor's elder brother) also comes in. Where he comes to know that Doctor has written some article in “People’s Messenger” newspaper about the very good condition of municipal bath. Where it is found that peter is jealous of his brother’s fame and of all the credibility accounting for his brilliant ideas. When Doctor comes, peter discusses about the article to doctor, when he found that doctor is now very mysterious about the present condition of municipal bath and then he leaves the house.
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In another scene, Petra, Doctor’s daughter, who is a teacher, comes home. Then Petra gives her father a letter that postman give her when she was going out. Dr opens the letter and tell his family members that this letter is about his great discovery. The bath he had greatly admired is poisoned sepulcher, the gravest possible danger to the public health. All stinking filth coming from Molledal is infecting the water in the conduit-pipes leading to the reservoir. Last year they had strange cases of illness among the visitors—typhoid cases etc. He has sent samples of that water to University for chemical analysis. It proves the presence of decomposing organic matter in the water-it is full of infusoria. The water is absolutely dangerous to use, either internally or externally.Now he wants to put this matter to the public. Then Hovstad, the editor of newspaper wants his approval to write a short notice on this matter. In another scene, Dr gets a letter from his brother, The Mayor. The mayor wants to meet him. Then Hovstad, the editor comes in to discuss about the matter. They discuss that pollution of the water was due to impurities in the soil and it is due to improper positioning of conduit pipes. Mr. Hovstad wants to take the matter up in “People’s messenger”. Now Alsaksen, a printer comes in and talks about moderation in demonstration of the issue. According to him, moderation is greatest virtue in a citizen. Mr. Hovstad and Dr. decide that if Mayor refuses to take the matter up, Mr. Hovstad can print Dr.’s report. Now Peter Stockman comes in . Peter Stockmann
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