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Week Three Outline Lecture Seven: Revolution in China: Anti-Imperialism and Nationalism Overview of Key Focus This Week: --To what extent were democracy and nationalist movements inspired by Western influence? --But also to what extent they represent indigenous and culture-specific responses? I) “A World Safe for Democracy”? a) Massacre at Amritsar, India in 1919 i) Peaceful demonstration against the Rowlatt Bills ii) George Orwell’s essay “Shooting an Elephant” iii) Indigenous efforts to challenge imperialism b) Versailles and the May Fourth Movement 1919 i) Catalysts behind the May Fourth Movement ii) Ambivalence towards the West iii) Convenient convergence of anti-imperialism, nationalism, and democracy (1) Liberal ideals of democracy and self-determination (a) E.g. Chen Duxiu’s New Youth (2) National self-determination as umbrella for gender and class self-determination? (a)
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ChangMMW6OutlineLectureSeven2010 - Week Three Outline...

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