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finalexamreviewguideec2010 - MMW 6 Chang Track Final Exam...

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MMW 6 Chang Track Spring 2010 Final Exam Review Guide (This is meant to be a review guide, not the exam itself. Ultimately, you are accountable for all the key materials in the readings and lectures.) Exam will be designed for 2 hours but you will have 3 hours to complete it ****Extra Credit Essay Assignment**** You have the option of writing a concise and compelling 300-word essay response to the prompt listed below. Here are some requirements you need to adhere to in order to have the 3% bonus added to your final exam grade ( not final course grade) The essay must be typed and a hard-copy turned in at the beginning of the final exam. No essay will be accepted by email before or after that point. If you are taking the exam at a different time, you can hand in your essay to Vilaya Roberts before she escorts you to your exam room. The header must include your name, your TA‟s name, your correct section number, and “MMW 6 Spring 2010. This is import ant to make sure you receive the extra credit. You are expected to be honest and serious in sharing your view. Your essay will only be read after all the grades have been submitted, even though the 3% bonus will be applied as soon as you turn in the essay. Your expressed opinion will have no bearing whatsoever on your course grade. A committee affiliated with the MMW program will read all the essays and use them in its future self-assessment. Here is the prompt you need to address: A close cousin has just been accepted to UCSD and is in the process of deciding which college to list as his/her top choice. He/she asks for your opinion about choosing ERC, specifically its two- year MMW requirement. Even as a high-school senior, he/she heard rumors o f the “dreaded MMW sequence” and “ALL those papers!” ERC students have to write. How would you honestly advise this close relative of yours? What choice do you believe will be in his/her best interests as a prospective Triton? (Be sure to focus solely on the MMW sequence, not the ERC dorms, Café Ventana, or proximity to RIMAC) Part I. Objective You need to be familiar with the historical context and significance of the following names and terms from your readings and lectures. Be sure you are able to address the appropriate “who?” “what?” “where?” and “when?‟, and most importantly, “why?” issues associated with each one. Multiple Choice and Matching Terms questions will be drawn from this guide. Key Names & Terms for Weeks Seven through Ten Lecture Eighteen The Existentialist Solution Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) Modern atheism Existence precedes essence Individual accountability Fromm‟s view on overcoming separateness “Fusion without integrity” Notion of “standing in love” Herbert‟s “The Elegy of Fortinbras” Lecture Nineteen Finding Meaning in the Absurd Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) Waiting for Godot Examples of temporal disorientation The dissolution of time Creating “the impression that we exist” Significance of Godot
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Significance of Pozzo and Lucky
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finalexamreviewguideec2010 - MMW 6 Chang Track Final Exam...

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