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First Midterm Review Guide mmw 6 ec - MMW 6 Chang Track...

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MMW 6 Chang Track Spring 2010 First Midterm Review Guide (This is meant to be a review guide, not the exam itself. Ultimately, you are accountable for all the key materials in the readings and lectures for weeks 1-3.) Exam will be designed for 50 minutes. Please remember to bring a blue-book for exchange Part I: Objective Section You need to be familiar with the historical context and significance of the following names and terms from your readings and lectures. Be sure you are able to address the appropriate “who?” “what?” “where?” and “when?’, and most importantly, “why?” questions associated with each one. Multiple Choice and Matching Terms questions will be drawn from this guide. Key Terms and Names Lecture One: Introduction What Liberalism stood for Politically Economically Socially Lecture Two: The Shock of W.W.I Balkan nationalism Austro-Hungarian Empire Archduke Ferdinand Triple Entente Dual Alliance Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg Role of the free press Rupert Brooke Wilfred Owen The Western Front War as “zero-sum game” (Hobsbawn) Schlieffen Plan Lecture Three: A Liberal Peace? Woodrow Wilson The “Big Four” Treaty of Versailles “Carthaginian Peace” (Keynes) War reparations Ruhr Valley mines Germany’s economic collapse League of Nations “Mandate system” Wilson’s “Fourteen Points” and “Four Points” Buffer states against Communism Limits of self-determination Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia Brest-Litovsk Treaty Lecture Four: The Human Instinct for War “Divided self” Friedrich Nietzsche The Will to Power Preponderance of the “herd instinct” “Great libels on life” “Apollonian” vs. “Dionysian” impulse Albert Einstein’s solution to war Sigmund Freud The Oedipal Complex The competitive role of libido Eros and Death instincts Compass of Motives Dose of the “cultural process” Lecture Five: Modernity and the Divided Self Erich Fromm Frankfurt School Fordism Sources of modern alienation Palliative role of material consumption
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First Midterm Review Guide mmw 6 ec - MMW 6 Chang Track...

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