Outline Lecture 24 ec sp10

Outline Lecture 24 ec sp10 - i Company loyalty ii...

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Outline Lecture Twenty-Four—New Models in Global Capitalism I) An Equitable “Third Way”? a) Beyond a Capitalist/Communist Duality i) Example of Scandinavian countries ii) Gini Coefficient b) Exemplary 1980s Japan II) The Making of “Japan, Inc.” a) Government-directed economic growth i) In 1960s—Ten-year plan to double Japan’s GNP ii) The “developmental state” b) Explosive Economic Growth i) Leaner and meaner economy? (1) Energy conservation program in 1970s (Dore 6) (2) Ministry of Finance and MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) c) Why “Japan Inc.” works i) “Allocative efficiency” vs. “Production efficiency” (1) “Allocative efficiency” focuses on maximizing short-term returns (2) “Production efficiency” focuses on the day-to-day, long-term efficiency d) Conditions for “X-efficiency”
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Unformatted text preview: i) Company loyalty ii) “Quality Circles” iii) “Savings mentality” iv) Education e) Too homogenous? III) Poverty and the “SAPing the Third World” a) The First World’s Stranglehold of the Third World i) Imposition of Structural Adjustment Programs in 1980s (1) Globalization of Reaganomics (laissez-faire policies, privatization, free trade, etc.) (2) Cold war mentality: (3) Prioritized growth of First World economies through globalization b) Consequences in the Third World i) Plight of Poverty due to SAP (1) Retreat of the state ii) Downward Mobility (1) SAPs led to greater disparity in wealth distribution iii) Breakdown of Family Structure (1) E.g of “higglers” in Kingston, Jamaica iv) Impact on labor migration v) Connection between illegal immigration and economic policies...
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Outline Lecture 24 ec sp10 - i Company loyalty ii...

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