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Outline Lecture Eleven ec MMW 61

Outline Lecture Eleven ec MMW 61 - (1 Trotsky—Left Wing(2...

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Outline Lecture Eleven: Totalitarian Alternatives—Stalin and Mussolini Key Questions: a) What are the essential differences between how democratic mass societies and totalitarian regimes operate? b) Do they lead to similar or different outcomes? I) Lenin’s “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” a) Beginnings of the Bolshevik Revolution i) Combating “white terror” of counter-revolutionary factions ii) Lenin’s “Chekas” iii) “War communism”—Collectivization b) Stages of revolution i) Bourgeois “socialism” to a “dictatorship of the proletariat” ii) Split over policy towards Russia’s participation in W.W. I c) “Insurrection as an art” i) Marx’s idea of the organic process of revolution ii) Economic Crisis of early 1920’s iii) Lenin’s New Economic Policy (1) Strategic retreat—“retreat in order to advance the revolution” iv) Left Wing vs. Right Wing after Lenin’s death in 1924
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Trotsky—Left Wing (2) Bukharin and Stalin—Right Wing II) Stalin’s Rise to Power and the “Cult of Personality” a) Ousting of Trotsky’s in 1927 b) Stalin’s Reversal of Policy i) Grain Crisis in 1928-29 ii) Five Year Plans c) The Cost of Growth i) Elimination of the kulaks as a class ii) Tremendous levels of famine iii) Purges of 1930’s d) Stalin’s Cult of Personality—“The Great Helmsman” i) Legacy for the 20 th century III) Mussolini and Fascism in Italy a) Difference in Rise of Fascism i) Ideology borne of movement (1) Attack against democracy (2) Attack against liberalism (3) Attack against Communism b) Movement based on force i) Origin of the term Fascism ii) Threat of force (1) October March of 1922 iii) Fascism and individualism (1) The will to power through indoctrination, terror, and coercion...
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Outline Lecture Eleven ec MMW 61 - (1 Trotsky—Left Wing(2...

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