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Outline Lecture Five ec - a) The Modern Sense of Aloneness...

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Outline Lecture Five: Modernity and the Divided Self I) Capitalism and Social Alienation a) Erich Fromm vs. Sigmund Freud i) Affiliation with the Frankfurt School ii) State apparatus of social conformity b) Modern Alienation from Industry i) As workers, alienated from the commodity one produces (1) Impact of Fordism (2) Role of unions ii) “Owners” alienated from their own capital c) Modern Alienation from Consumption i) Palliatives to sense of aloneness and alienation (1) Routine of leisure (2) Routine of consumption ii) The illusion of choice through consumption: d) Modern Alienation from the Disintegration of Love i) Illusions of intimacy ii) The “Personality Package” (1) “Commodities” for exchange in the “personality market” iii) “Married Team” a solution for aloneness? II) Eliot’s Prufrock: Emblem of the Alienated Self
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Unformatted text preview: a) The Modern Sense of Aloneness i) The ironic title: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (1) Spoken as an apostrophe (2) Epigraph of Count Guido da Montefelltro in the Eighth chasm of Hell b) The Desolate Landscape of Modern Society i) Modern sense of isolation ii) The futility of individuals to connect (1) I hear the mermaids singing each to each/ I do not think they will sing to me c) The Sense of Fragmentation i) Images of the disembodied self ii) Time understood through the minutiae of everyday life (1) I have measured my life with coffee spoons d) An Age of Impotence i) Suggestions of Prufrocks sexual impotence (1) Do I dare to eat a peach? ii) Symbolism of impotence on a cultural level...
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Outline Lecture Five ec - a) The Modern Sense of Aloneness...

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