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Lecture Seventeen—Big Science and the Research University Key Repercussions of the Cold War: U.S. Policy subsumed under the over-arching logic of the “Cold War” 1) Politically—domino theory, containment, brinksmanship 2) Socially—More censorship, paranoia, violation of civil liberties 3) Economically—Industrial-military complex, World Bank, IMF, 4) Culturally—Greater tension in athletic competitions, cultural exchanges I) The Role of the Research University in the Arms Race—A Marriage of Convenience? a) Manhattan Project i) Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi ii) Los Alamos iii) Ernest Lawrence: Scientist and fund-raiser b) Mutually beneficial according to Herken i) Attract and retain best and brightest through university connection ii) Secure, top-notch facilities and guaranteed funding
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Increase prestige of UC and prospect of more lucrative contracts (a) E.g. Radiation Lab at Berkeleya national lab (b) Establishment of second UC research facility at Livermore c) Problems with this setup? i) Lack of academic autonomy in research? ii) Lack of expertise of overseers iii) Intense Rivalry for funding and for prestige (1) Frenzied race between Los Alamos and Livermore (2) Test Ban Treaty of 1958 iv) UC involvement today II) The Cold War and Domestic Education a) The Public-funded Research University not as Ivory Tower b) Atkinson saw UC as custodian of the California economy c) The Role of Funding i) Process of fundingIndustry University Cooperation Research ii) Income for UC San Diego d) Where does undergraduate education fit in this equation at UCSD?...
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