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Outline Lecture - II Holocaust in Europe a The Policy of Lebensraum i Elimination of e 30 million Slavs to make room for Germanic race ii Other

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Outline Lecture Thirteen—Crossing the Threshold of Humanity: Atrocities in W.W.II Key Questions: 1) What social or cultural safeguards can societies rely on against leaders who can so effectively exploit “the weakness and bestiality” of humanity against itself? 2) What can be done to keep the “lowest common denominator” in society from blindly following demagogues and the prophets of hate and intolerance? 3) Are the somewhat autonomous few powerless against the exploited herd? I) Japan and the Nanking Massacre a) Japanese Invasion of China in 1937 i) Marco Polo Bridge Incident ii) Massive bombing of civilians in Shanghai b) Iris Chang’s The Rape of Nanking i) Casualties in six weeks ii) “Baptism by blood” c) Crossing the threshold of humanity—in two ways
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Unformatted text preview: II) Holocaust in Europe a) The Policy of Lebensraum i) Elimination of e 30 million Slavs to make room for Germanic race ii) Other target groups of Nazi atrocities iii) A Europe “Free of Jews” Judenfrei (1) January, 1942 Conference of the German High Command at Wannsee (2) Initial plan to push for emigration of Jews out of Germany (3) From deportation to concentration camps iv) Policy towards the Mischlinge (1) Racial profiling based on physiognomy b) The Final Solution i) Elie Wiesel’s Night (1) The illusion of normalcy (2) The Rude Awakening at Auschwitz (3) At the Brink of Humanity c) What made the Holocaust unprecedented? What made it unique?...
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