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Week Eight Outline Lecture Twenty—Social Contradictions of Postwar Capitalism Key Questions This Week: 1) To what extent can grass-roots movements effect lasting social change? 2) What is the most potent source or fertile site for change in society? 3) What social iniquities remain unresolved since the radicalism of the 1960‟s? Jonathan Kozol‟s “Still Separate, Still Unequal: America‟s Educational Apartheid” http://www.mindfully.org/Reform/2005/American-Apartheid-Education1sep05.htm I) The Paradoxes in “The American Dream” a) America as the “Affluent Society” in the 1950‟s i) T.V. shows such as “Leave It to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” ii) Herbert Marcuse‟s critique of “democratic totalitarianism” iii) Complacency reinforced by material comforts b) Exclusions from the “American Dream” i) Global inequities ii) Domestic disenfranchised groups iii) Three realities that galvanized and mobilized these groups in early 1960‟s II) The Counter-cultural Challenge
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Unformatted text preview: a) The Power of Rock „n Roll i) Ralph Gleason‟s 1967 essay on the impact of rock music on politics and culture (1) Modern revival of “the uninhibited Dionysian impulses” ii) Bob Dylan as pioneer (1) Antiestablishment of a political kind iii) Beatles—Antiestablishment of the nonpolitical kind (1) “The sacred importance of love and truth and beauty, and interpersonal relations” (2) Authenticity and pure exuberance vs. cultural assimilation and appropriation (a) Fate of Rap and Hip-hop? b) The Student Movement i) Tom Hayden‟s “Port Huron Statement” 1962 ii) Core Values of SDS iii) What is the Role of the College Campus in social change? (1) Structural constraints of typical research university (2) SDS‟s indictment of the university as bastion of status quo (3) Jerry Farber‟s “The Student as Nigger” iv) Complacency of the majority of students (1) “Almost no students value activity as citizens” ( Read 157)...
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