Outline Lecture Twenty-Six ec mmw6 2010

Outline Lecture Twenty-Six ec mmw6 2010 - i Religion as...

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Week Ten Outline Lecture Twenty-Six—The Demographic and Ecological Future Reminders for Final: --Thursday June 12 from 11:30 to 2:30 p.m. --Bring two blue-books --Review session Tuesday June 10 @ 8 pm, WL 2005 I) Demographic Crisis a) World population growth b) Urban Shift i) Over half of world’s population is now urban ii) Urban and Poor (1) UN Human Settlement Programme’s The Challenge of Slums (2) Health and Environment Hazards (a) Very little public infrastructure (b) Life-threatening conditions iii) Not Pull but Push (1) What accounts for this urban migration? (2) Urban squatters in as “reserve labor force” (3) Urban slums as “dumping grounds” for the surplus population (4) Or resettlement programs c) Slums as Hotbed for Revolt?
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Unformatted text preview: i) Religion as Proxy for the State (1) Role of fundamentalist groups with decline of public services (a) Extremist Islamic groups (b) Pentecostalism in Latin America and Africa (2) Hotbeds for civil unrest II) Environmental Crisis a) The Consumption Strain i) Aspiration for a higher standard of living ii) Are out demands on others hypocritical? (1) Excess of American consumption (2) Taking the “environmental highroad” b) The Pincer Effect i) Environmental pressures on availability of arable land and population growth (1) Ecological effects ii) Crisis of food shortage and civil wars (1) Return to MMW2 scenario? c) “Thin Film of Life” i) Global solutions/global sacrifices...
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Outline Lecture Twenty-Six ec mmw6 2010 - i Religion as...

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