Outline Lecture Two--The Shock of Total War1

Outline Lecture Two--The Shock of Total War1 - (a) Rupert...

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Week One Outline Lecture Two—The Shock of Total War Key Questions: 1) How did the ideals and values of Liberalism contribute to the outbreak? 2) What impact did the war have on European consciousness? I) Liberalism and the Outbreak of the War a) Liberal ideology of nationalism and right to self-determination i) Pitted Balkan nationalism against the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1) Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (2) Dual Alliance vs. Triple Entente ii) German Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg iii) Germany’s Schlieffen Plan b) Role of the liberal press i) Public’s pro-war sentiment ii) Intricate relationship between free media and war c) Liberalism’s faith in progress and human rationality i) Prospects of a limited, localized war ii) War as catharsis iii) False sense of security (1) Rationality of liberalism (2) Noble sacrifice to country and “Anglocentric” paternalism
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Rupert Brookes 1914 poem The Soldier II) The Realities of War a) The illusion and disillusion about war i) Inflated hope of triumph vs.Growing sense of disillusionment (1) Wilfred Owens 1917 poem Dulce Et Decorum Est b) Stalemate on the Western Front i) Number of casualties ii) The tools of destruction iii) Why was there no concerted effort at peaceful settlement? c) War as Zero-sum game i) Hobsbawns theory (1) Success an either/or equation for all sides III) The Aftermath of the War a) Human cost b) Social Impact i) An aversion to war ii) A nihilist view of a world iii) A lingering sense of futility and disillusionment in Europe (1) William Butler Yeatss poem The Second Coming c) The Legacy of Liberalism...
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Outline Lecture Two--The Shock of Total War1 - (a) Rupert...

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