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Outline Lecture Twenty-Seven—Where Does Humanity Go From Here? I) Conclusion to sequence a) Imminent questions at the end of a sequence b) The impact of teaching this sequence on me II) The Ecological Peril a) Edmund Wilson “Is Humanity Suicidal?” i) Traits and environmental impact as “brainy” carnivores b) Exemptionalism vs. Environmentalism i) Exemptionalism: Don’t worry, be happy ii) Environmentalist position (1) Ecosystems re too complex, too idiosyncratic to replace (2) Intelligence extinguishing itself? c) The Human Peril i) Loss of human diversity (1) How many potential sages? (2) How many potential child prodigies?
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Unformatted text preview: III) What can we do about all this? a) Critical Self-transcendence i) Don’t settle for the exemptionalist logic—make privilege transparent and transformative ii) Empower yourself through knowledge and awareness (1) Shatter the invisibility of privilege b) Spiritual self-transcendence i) Empowerment through inner, spiritual cultivation (1) Gandhi’s idea of Satyagraha (2) Harnessing the wisdom of the past ii) Havel’s “Anthropic Cosmological Principle” iii) The hope through spiritual self-transcendence (1) An existentialist approach to spirituality and faith...
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