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acher Zel’s Scribbles: e Journey to Special Education Page es Development Center: Teaching Experiences I have the first hand experience of teaching my student in a one on one instruction. However, we are not allowed to develop our own lesson plan for the students of SDC follows the IEP that their teachers made them for years. The instructional materials are all from the school and it is our job to just facilitate the learning and utilize the given materials for our students to learn. Hello, Touch Math! During the next days, I am the one who instructs Jaime of the lesson, following the IEP set by Teacher Gladys in the second quarter. I first encountered TouchMath and was amazed how Jaime was able to add the three-digit numbers using the method. I observed carefully how he uses the method in answering problems. After observing Jaime, I asked Teacher Gladys of the method so that I will be the one who will give out math problems to Jaime and be able to check if he really understands the lesson. Greatly with much appreciation, I learned how to do
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5Teaching Experiences - cher Zel s Scribbles: s...

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