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CHEF:Clark  DAY3-Fish April 27, 2008  KEY TERMS-Cod  a) adipose fin-  Is a type of second dorsal fin in the form of a small flap of fatty tissue covered with skin and lacking supporting rays.   A sixth, fleshy fin, located between the Dorsal and Caudal fin. Only on salmon and trouts b) anadromous Salmon or trout that born in fresh waters and then they move to salt waters to grow and then they return to fresh waters. I.e. Rainbow trout. c) catadromous  In the Salmon and trout family, fish that are born in salt waters, then they move to fresh waters where they grow up and then they return to salt waters for reproduction. d) cod worm :  Adult worms in the stomach of seal, final larvae in muscle and mesentery of fish, first stage larvas in invertebrate host, worm eggs expelled with feces e) escalope  A thin slice of fish in a diagonal angle f) extensive aquaculture- Eggs are fertilized and hatched in a protected area, and realeased to wild waters, fish are monitored while they
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