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In the past humans eat what was in his environment , close, . agriculture, animal domestication and then farming. The immigration and trips bring new things to countries, example, cristobal colon while they travel they made an exchange of food, and customs. Coffee originated in africa, moved to europe. Tomato originated in central america and then to the world potatoes originated south america. environment affect your preferences, aversions and taboos. Biology humans protect themselves from dangerous food. (allergy, celiac, diabetes type 1, type 2) allergy , more and more people is having allergies . all this affect us because thy can be our customers. Culture We are omnivores macronutrients: protein fat carbohydrates
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Unformatted text preview: Micronutrients: minerals-Sensory sensitivity , hot cold, rough, smooth, tough, chewy. cultural/religious factors Enculturation Intellectual eating and choices Cultures and food, cultures use food to communicate, happy, sad, party funeral. Climates can affect what cultures eat. cool climates drink more alcohol, help getting hot, eat more hot foods. warm temp, eat fresh foods. Preferences are based on: taste, memories, emotions, color, taste, excitement. Fear is it going to kill you? fear to eat things because of allergies . Taboos affected by the history, religion, culture. Food with side effects Escolar, careful with amount served. Wild mushrooms Hen of the woods Oyster and chocolate Durian fruit...
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