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Contamination Chemical contaminants Toxin metals: Lead, cooper, zinc. Foodservice chemicals: cleaners, sanitizes, polishes and machine lubricants. Store chemicals away from food, utensils and equipment. Follow the manufactures directions when using chemicals. Be careful using chemicals while food is being prepped. Label the container. Use only lubricants that are made for foodservice equipment. Physical contaminants Metal shavings from cans. Staples from cartons. Glass Blades from plastics or rubber scrapers. Fingernails, hair, bandages. Dirt Bones Jewelry Fruit pits Deliberate contamination of food. Terrorist activists, current or former employees, vendors, competitors. Human element: people that has access to an operations food. Make sure only staff are allowed in work areas. Building interior: Eliminate paces for intruders to hide.
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Unformatted text preview: Building exterior: Make sure that people cant get inside the facility in unexpectes ways. Food allergens Allergy symptoms: Itching in mouth, face, or scalp. Tightening in the throat Wheezing or shortness of breath Hives Swelling of face, eyes, hands or feet. Abdominal cramps, vomiting or diarrhea Loss of consciousness Death. Common food allergens: Milk and dairy products Eggs and egg products Fish and shellfish Wheat Soy and soy products Peanuts and tree nuts. Preventing allergic reactions: Service staff: Describing dishes Identifying ingredients Suggesting items Kitchen staff: Wash, rinse and sanitize cookware, utensils and equipment. Wash your hands and change gloves before prepping food. Assign specific equipment for prepping food for customers with allergies....
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