w3 - Module #3: T hree Week Summary

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Module #3: Three Week Summary From your weekly experiences and observations during weeks 1 through 3 complete the follow- ing module. Mention the following topics; raw products, techniques and methods, preparation,  presentation, flow of service, utilization, new culinary ideas and consistency.  To make the  most of your experience you should also consider gaining some exposure to areas outside your  assigned location.  Asking to be rotated, coming in early or staying late to help with special  projects or events will increase your learning level significantly.  One full page is required (single space, font size 12pt.)  Utilize spell check and proofread to ensure proper  grammar and punctuation. Present your work neatly and professionally.   Supervisor's signature must be on the  typed page. Date:11/24 Position/Station:GRADE MAGER Supervisor’s Signature:_______________________________________________________________ Submitted at the end of week three: Yes No
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: At this point I had being working in the resort for three weeks. During this three week I had the chance to get involved and feel like part of the hotel staff. This three weeks I worked in the Garde Mager kitchen. There they make salads, canapes, sandwiches, fruit plates, cheese platters and any other cold food needed. During my three weeks of work I deeply analyze the operation of the Garde Mager kitchen. The Garde Mager kitchen and every kitchen in the hotel looks clean. This is a very important aspect in every kitchen. For me the work place should be always clan and organized. My workmates are familiar with the food safety rules and they try to apply them. Knowing that is a kitchen that is always busy is hard to always follow the food safety rules. The cutting boards that they use are clean and every time their finish cutting one product they clean the cutting board and their work area before they start working with another ingredient. This kitchen has a cooling system that keeps the kitchen cool. This is great because almost every thing that is prep there is raw or needs refrigeration. In this kitchen also there are 2 walk-ins and inside this walk-ins all the food is organized by type and following the food safety rules. The staff also follows the FIFO principle. The chef in charge of this kitchen is from Argentina. He is very creative. He encourage to all the cooks to work as good as they can, to be clean, to use gloves and to crate the best food for the costumers.He creates new salads for many events that take place in the resort . I have seeing other kitchens from the resort during this three weeks. I had worked in the kitchen for banquets, in the saucier kitchen and in the old banquets kitchen. They all follow the food safety rules. In this kitchens they use gloves when handling ready to eat food, like for example when plating. They keep the kitchen clean and organized . Something that really concerns me is that they don’t
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w3 - Module #3: T hree Week Summary

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