DAY4 - EMILY FARCA DAYAN Day 4 Breakfast Meats and...

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Day 4 Breakfast Meats and Potatoes, Jam, Jellies, Conserves, Compotes, Marmalades, and Preserves Bacon- A type of cured or smoked pork butt. Usually salted Butters(apple, peach, etc.)- Any type of butter that is flavored with a preserved or fresh fruit. Canadian Style Bacon- Similar to bacon but a brine method is used before it is smoked and the cut is different. Compote- Preserved fruit or dry fruit that has been cooked in a syrup. Conserve- It is a jam preserver that has nuts added to it. Coulis- Any form of sauce made from the strained puree of vegetables or fruits. English Bacon- The same as the Canadian Bacon. Hash- Any form of shredded, diced, or sliced potatoes that are cooked, usually crisp. Jam- Any time of fruit preserve that has been diced or pureed and cooked with sugar, sometimes pectin, to a thick consistency and used as a spread or sauce. Jelly- Essentially the same thing as a jam but the fruit juices are strained out to make a clear thick spread or sauce. Lox- A form of salmon that has been brined and cold smoked.
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DAY4 - EMILY FARCA DAYAN Day 4 Breakfast Meats and...

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