india - KEY TERMS To know by Day Twelve dal Dal or Parippu...

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KEY TERMS To know by Day Twelve dal Dal or Parippu is a preparation of pulses (dried beans, lentils etc.) which have been stripped of their outer hulls and split. It also refers to the thick, spicy stew prepared therefrom, a mainstay of Nepali , Indian , Pakistani , and Bangladeshi cuisine. It is regu- larly eaten with rice and vegetables in Southern India, and with both rice and roti (wheat-based flat bread) throughout Northern India. Dal is a mainstay in Indian vegetari- an cooking, since it provides the requisite proteins for a balanced diet. Sri Lankan cook- ing of dal resembles that of southern Indian dishes. jaggery s a traditional unrefined non-centrifugal sugar consumed in Asia, Africa and South America. [1] It is made for direct consumption. This type of sugar is a concen- trated product of cane juice without separation of the molasses and crystals, and can vary from golden brown to dark brown in color. [1] It contains up to 50% sucrose , up to 20% invert sugars , moisture content of up to 20%, and the remainder made up of other insoluble matter such as ash, proteins and bagasse fibers. [1] raitha and used as a sauce or dip . The yogurt is seasoned with coriander (cilantro), cumin , mint , cayenne pepper , and other herbs and spices. It is prepared by frying caraway (zeera) along with red mustard (raie) and these mixtures are poured into curd. chutney a term for a class of spicy preparations used as an accompaniment for a main dish. Chutneys usually contain idiosyncratic spice and vegetable mix that complement one another. naan is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread . [1] It is one of the most popular varieties of South Asian breads [2] and is particularly popular in Afghanistan , Iran , India , Pakistan , and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of
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india - KEY TERMS To know by Day Twelve dal Dal or Parippu...

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