Pharmacia Case - Pharmacia Upjohn Inc Case Due Rogaine is a...

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Due: October 28, 2010
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Rogaine is a hair re-growth treatment for both men and women. It switched from a prescription to an over the counter product, made more accessible to customers. Since its introduction, Rogaine has generated over $700 million in the United States alone and over $1 billion worldwide. Rogaine decided to target both men and women ages 25 to 49, producing separate packages, but selling identical products in both. The suggested retail price for one bottle of Rogaine that was to last for one month would be $29.50. The retail price for this OTC product would be about half of the price of the prescription Rogaine. Rogaine requested a three-year period off marketing exclusivity and was denied by the FDA. On top of not having an adequate marketing exclusivity, the FDA approved three competing generic versions of Rogaine. This arose some questions relating to the future of Rogaine’s marketing effectiveness. First: what unit and dollar sales potential for the product category as a whole might be expected now that a minoxidil treatment for hair re- growth no longer required a prescription? Second, how might the loss of U.S. patent protection and marketing exclusivity that Rogaine had enjoyed since its introduction and competition from generic products affect sales of the Rogaine brand? The fact that Rogaine lost its marketing exclusivity, makes it more susceptible to their competition of products featuring the 2-percent solution of minoxidil. A survey indicated that 38.6% of women would seek treatment if they were
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Pharmacia Case - Pharmacia Upjohn Inc Case Due Rogaine is a...

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