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DQ #1 (Due Day 2, Tuesday, 1/18/11): Consider the following statement: Psychology has a long past, but a short history. What do you think this means? In your opinion, which person or perspective has had the most influence on the growth of psychology? In my opinion, I think that saying that psychology has a long past, but a short history means that even though we have only been studying psychology for a short time, it has always been around. It was around in the beginning of time, yet no one studied it. When people came to this earth (whether it be from evolution or from God) they interacted with each other and their environment just like we do now. I do not think that any person or perspective has had the most influence on the growth of
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Unformatted text preview: psychology. I believe that everyone contributed to make it what it is today. That is like saying that our class discussions were lead by one student and the rest followed. It is not like that, all of us contribute to make the discussions what they are. I believe that every human being has contributed to psychology. The person or persons being studied have contributed just as much as the researchers who did the study. If there was no one to study, then there would be no such thing as psychology. I do agree that we should honor those who did the research, but we should also take into consideration the people who gave their minds and behaviors for study for the research....
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