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How do you think gender, race, and ethnicity have affected your behavior? Provide an example from your life where you have observed people from different ethnic backgrounds or genders behaving differently in the same situation. I think gender race and ethnicity have affected my behavior trememdously. I know that growing up in a middle class white community we rarely saw people of other ethnicities. When I went to junior high, we had an integrated school and this was odd to me. I was not sure how to act around others that were not white and whos dad didn’t work for GM. I believe that this is something that has affected my behavior to this day because I was so sheltered. I did not have the sense to realize that we are all the same. All I saw before then was the news which portrayed black people as people who were in gangs and who
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Unformatted text preview: were in general bad people. I never knew different until I hit junior high. I belive that every day people can witness different ethnic backgrounds and genders acting differently in the same situation. Look out your front door, take a drive down the street. This will show you how others interact. The best example I can think of is a little different than others. I was a door to door salesman when I was 15 for the local newspaper. We had co-workers who were of different ethnicities. When I, a female, white, young girl would knock on the door it would get answered. But when a co-worker who was black, a few years older, and male, the door was usually not opened when we were in a prodimintately white neighborhood....
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