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Based on what you have learned regarding expressions and emotion in Ch. 9, discuss the following scenario: Referring to the graphic, what do you think the person in the picture is feeling? How do you think a person of a different gender or different ethnicity might react differently to this same situation? From what I gather from the picture I think that the person in the picture is mostly scared. I think that her body is tensing up and she is nervous about what might happen. I feel that she is scared and nervous because of the way her mouth is open, her eyebrows are raised, and her eyes are wide open. I think that she is scared that she might get hurt and nervous about what might happen. She does not know if the person coming up behind her is going to hurt her. She probably has a million questions running through her head
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Unformatted text preview: such as “does he have a gun?” or “am I going to be ok?”. I think that if were a male instead of female the reaction would be a little different. I think that males are more willing to fight instead of run. The ethnicity might change depending on where this is taking place. If it is in a downtown mostly black or hispanic area, then a white person would be a lot more scared than a black or hispanic person. If it is in an upperclass mostly white neighborhood, I think that the white person would be more at ease. This also plays into how a person was raised. If they were raised to be afraid of other genders and not taught how to take care of themselves, then they would be more scared of the situation no matter what the ethnicity....
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